Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a built structure to retain the lateral pressure of soils.  These walls can be built using different types of materials, such as Versa-Lok blocks, boulders, and Redi-Rock blocks.  The most common retaining walls we construct are made of concrete (Versa-Lok) blocks, which come in standard natural (grey) or various tan colors. The biggest value of a retaining wall is that it acts as a natural drainage system; water does not accumulate behind these walls – it simply seeps through. As a result, the danger of the wall getting damaged due to water or other weather conditions is minimal. Another advantage is that wall’s footing does not need to be sunk beneath the frost line.

At Burke Construction, we install new retaining walls, as well as repair damage to existing walls.  As a preferred contractor in the greater Saint Louis metropolitan area, we work with both residential and commercial customers. If you are interested to see how a retaining wall can add usable space to your outdoor living area, and protect that area from erosion, give us a call for a free, in-person consultation and estimate. Click here to contact us.