Burke Construction Inc. also known as “Snow Pro” provides St. Louis metro area with snow and ice management services for commercial properties. With our combined expertise of well over 50 years we have been able to predict storms with more accurate outcomes than most other snow companies. One of our goals is to save you money and stop unneeded service due to reading the storm incorrectly or just servicing to get another billing. Our specialized management team is out in the weather before, during and after a storm event to make sure you only get treatment as needed. We pride ourselves with not only excellent service but the trusting relationship we form with you and try to save you money in these trying times. Quality control is number one. Our large fleet of snow and ice equipment is manned by only the finest trained and professional staff. With Snow Pro handling your snow and ice management you will be assured that you can sleep at night knowing that you properties are in the best of hands.

  • At Snow Pro we provide updates with you or your property managers before during and after an event.
  • We have our own on-site salt storage facility with the capacity of holding two barges of salt or 3500 tons, so you can rest assured that we will not run out of salt.
  • Our invoices are detailed including weather conditions throughout the storm and are mailed out promptly.
  • Your properties will be safe and clean for your customers.
  • If you forget to call us don’t worry we will still take care of all your properties and alleviate any problems for you. Our office is open late before and after a storm so that you can call and get an update at any time.