Burke Construction builds the following walls: block, boulder walls, and Redi-Rock

versalok2Block Retaining Walls

There is an assortment of retaining wall block families offered by Burke Construction and these include: alpenstein, anchor, keystone, rockwood and stonewall. The slides below will show these in use.

boulderwall3Boulder Retaining Walls

Burke Construction is located in the St. Louis Missouri Metropolitan Area and specializes in concrete work, retaining walls and fencing. A majority of the work
we do is in around the pool installation industry. We have several years of experience working with pool contractors installing stamped concrete, retaining walls and fence around swimming pools.

redi-rockpic2Redi-Rock Walls

Redi-Rock International is leading the big block retaining wall market in North America with the most advanced retaining wall products and retaining wall designs available today.

All Redi-Rock products, including our concrete retaining walls, freestanding retaining walls, columns, landscaping steps, and retaining wall column caps capture the look of natural, quarried rock walls. Redi-Rock has developed its retaining wall product line with attention to natural hardscapes and has thus developed a retaining wall system that looks so natural that many mistake our retaining walls for quarried stone.

Redi-Rock’s segmental retaining wall units utilize blocks weighing over 1 ton each. The massive scale of the retaining wall system allows wall construction without using Geo-grid to achieve heights unattainable by other retaining wall systems. Also, taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with our geo-connector.